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Smoked Meats


At Acre Station Meat Farm it is our commitment to our customers that we purchase and process the best quality products.

  1. We also do not increase the cost of our products to cover packing material or shipping costs.
  2. To ensure the safety and quality of all our perishable foods we are now packing all products: Fresh, Frozen, and Smoked into Styrofoam coolers with frozen Gel packs.
  3. Please select the cooler at the time you are placing your order. We reserve the right to change cooler sizes, larger or smaller that will best pack your order.
  4. Cooler cost will be $19.00 for the small cooler which can hold up to 15 pounds of product, or the $25.00 Large cooler which can hold up to 35 pounds of product.
  5. Both include an outer Cardboard box for protection as well as frozen gel packs to keep your order cool and safe for the journey to your home or place of business.
  6. 3-Extra frozen gel packs can be purchased for $5.00 if you are buying frozen vegetables or Frozen Biscuits.

Acre Station shipping department will continue to work with Fed Home Delivery and their Express Service for the most affordable as well as the most reliable delivery options that are offered to our company. As always thank you for your support of our family business.

"Blessings to all"
Ronnie Huettmann



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Gel Packs
Price: $5.00
Gel Packs
(Approximate weight 4.5 lbs)
Large Cooler
Price: $25.00
Large Cooler
(Approximate weight 12 lbs)
Small Cooler
Price: $19.00
Small Cooler
(Approximate weight 6 lbs)
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