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  1. All perishable products are quick frozen and shipped using FedEx Ground or FedEx Express, perishable products such as all fresh meats, smoked meats, and Frozen items are packed in a styrofoam cooler with frozen gel packs
  2. There is a packing material fee that will be added to your order.
  3. If extra frozen gel packs are needed we add $5.00 for 3 frozen gel packs.
  4. Acre Station Meat Farm will ship non-perishable items Flat Rate Shipping with the United States Postal Service rates is $9.50 – $22.95.
  5. Before your credit card is charged I will email you a final invoice which will include any changes or add ons to your order.
  6. PLEASE CONFIRM OR CANCEL YOUR ORDER 24 HOURS after you receive my final emailed invoice.

Our website shows our most popular items that we sell at our retail store, however, if there is an item you are looking for and do not see it on the website please email me at or you can call 1-866-462-2763 Monday through Friday 7:30 AM until 1:00 PM EST. and ask for Ronnie. We love our customers! Thank you for shopping our online store and please visit again.

Ronnie Huettmann
President Acre Station Meat Farm and Shipping Director

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